While the physical doors may be temporarily closed, our team has been designing home locations to send you live streaming classes. While we work through these solutions, you will continue to see communication from me via email and on Facebook, as well as this site, to keep you up to date!

We have built a new platform for these live streaming classes and you can access them through the “Bridgeville” location tab on the website. Each class is listed as a Live Stream class and you can register here! The full details for how to register are to follow and I apologize for the length of the document, but it should provide all that you need to know. If you would rather talk to me, call me at 412-257-3200!! We are so pleased to have our community still wanting to be with us and appreciate the support!

How to get set up for Live Stream classes with IYL  (sorry, it’s a long document!)

 – You will be accessing ZOOM, and may opt to join and create your own account, which is free to get.  Access this at https://www.zoom.us/

To download and install Zoom software on your smartphone or computer:

Note: You are downloading a free App to your phone or computer. You will be installing the free “Basic” plan. You should not be prompted to pay for anything. It costs nothing to “join a meeting” which is all you will be doing for the live stream IYL yoga classes. 

1.       Search on any internet browser for Zoom.us and once the website opens click on “Sign Up” on the top right corner. Or, just click on the following link!  https://zoom.us/signup.

2.       For some reason it asks for a work email, but you can enter your regular email address. Then, click the “Sign up” button.

3.       Zoom will send a confirmation to your email address to activate your account. Open the email message and click the “Activate Account” button in the message.

4.       A welcome page opens up to let you know that your account has been successfully created and asks you to enter your name and create a password. Follow the prompts and click “Continue”.

5.       A page will open to Invite Colleagues. Click the “Skip this step” button.

6.       A page will open to Test Meeting. Skip this by clicking “Go to My Account” to review your information or simply exit the page and website by closing it.

7.       You’re done!

A test run for new users:

1.       You can feel free to play around in the Zoom App and get familiar with settings in Meetings.

2.       Your Basic account allows you access to Host your own meetings. The only difference is a time limit with more than 1 participant. So, you can practice all you want!

Instructions to join a yoga class:

  1. Visit our online yoga schedule at www.indigoyogaloft.com to find the current list of live stream yoga classes. You should select the Bridgeville location to see these classes!
  2. Select the class you want to attend and follow the prompts that will lead you to the Mind Body account. 
    1. If you are a current student, you are most likely familiar with this process, but if you have not ever registered in advance, you may not have a password yet.  You may need to select “forgot password” at the prompt for the system to email you a password.  Otherwise, you may end up creating a second account for yourself.  (if this happens, generally I will get a notification and can merge your accounts, but a new account means that the system doesn’t recognize you and any of your current packages)
    1. If you are a student with an unlimited class package of any type, or hold a 3 month unlimited pass, or a 8 class pass a month, you are now considered a MEMBER and should select the Live Membership Drop in ZERO dollar at the check out.
    1. If you are a student with class passes, you should elect to save these and purchase a $5 Live Drop in pass.  I will make adjustments to your expiration dates on the current passes once we are back in our physical location.
    1. If you are new to Indigo Yoga Loft, you will be prompted to join and will register with your information.  Please make sure to allow us to email you so I can send you the Meeting ID / Link for any of these classes.
  3. Please sign up a minimum of 30 minutes BEFORE the start of the class to be sure to receive the meeting (class ID) ID to enter into the Zoom account to join the class. 
    1. If you register late, It is unlikely I can get the ID to you in time.
  • Check your email 20 minutes before the start of the class to get the Meeting ID to enter for the class.
  • Log in to ZOOM and elect to join a meeting – enter the Meeting ID
    • A pop up box may appear asking to open ZOOM – click Open Zoom
    • You may get a prompt about call via device audio or dial in…..select device audio /internet audio
  • You can log on using your computer, lap top, IOS device (tablet, ipad or phone)
  •  Please elect to MUTE yourself, or be familiar with how to do this on your end once you enter the Meeting / Class room.
  • You may need to change the orientation of your IOS device to see more or less of the teacher’s class / location.
  • To access the options like Mute and Unmute, you may need to navigate around your device screen – or swipe up, down, left or right.  There is gallery view and another view – try selecting either to see how it changes your view.
  • We are the host and will be able to mute you all and turn off any videos that are on so that all you should hear at the start of the class is the instructor. 
  • Give your self a few extra minutes to sign on in advance and become familiar with your device!
  • Relax, breath and enjoy this time for yourself!!