I am so excited to offer this in person event in the super large capacity space of Visions Reiki and Soul Spa in Canonsburg, PA. Did you know that added sugar impacts so many processes in your body including your decision making and how your brain works? Did you realize it affects your sleep and hormones as well? This will be a fun series where we take advantage of the group dynamics and gain empowerment to making healthy shifts in our added sugar consumption! Read on for details –

When: Tuesday March 16, 23 and 30,, 2021 – 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (right as we roll into SPRING!)

Price: $99 Sign up at:https://visionsreikiandsoulspa.com/event/sugar-detox-break-the-cycle/ 

See BELOW for the LINK to register – through Visions Reiki Join Jill Sansom, Integrated Nutritional Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and wellness advocate for this motivational and eye opening series, designed to get you back in the driver’s seat of your health.

Through the comfort and encouragement of a group setting you will gain:
*Awareness about how sugar interacts in your body
*Tips and FACTS for how to make the shift
*Recipes and alternatives so you don’t feel cheated
*Confidence and empowerment
Let’s do this – Break free from the sugar fixation!!

You will receive:
Facts on the effects of sugar on our bodies – think immunity, inflammation, and beyond
Tips for dealing with this sugar fix
Food alternatives and recipes
The motivation to break the cycle plus so much more!

We will social distance in the spacious main room of the Visions Reiki and Soul Spa in Canonsburg,
So enjoy the remains of any left over holiday sugars and come ready to make the shift!
Make the commitment to yourself and sign up today!

Blogging……..(if you have the time to read)

If feeling better and eating differently is on your bucket list this year, you are certainly not alone. Selecting books, choosing one of a gazillion diets to follow, or adopting the steps to an internet article may give you a path towards accomplishing it, but if it were that simple, would we be having this continued dialogue? Why do these attempts so often fail and leave us feeling discouraged, frustrated and just plain defeated?

We are in the age of Internet information and misinformation! We intuitively know that all food (and calories) are not alike, further we know that each of us digest, react and experience food differently. Why can I eat a banana and feel ill while you consume it and feel amazing? The answers to this and so many questions are diverse and complicated, not to mention confusing, as the literature will tell you. But what we do know, and science and research and anecdotal evidence will tell you, is that one person’s poison can be another person’s medicine. Each of us has an individual metabolic fingerprint, so what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the whole!
Anytime I was successful at a change in my life, including altering eating patterns, food choices and even what time of the day I ate (and stopped eating) I have found the support and comfort of friends, family, coaches and other people’s experience to be paramount! There is just something magical about being with others on the same mission!

As an Integrated Nutritional health coach, and survivor/champion of many failed and successful changes to my eating patterns, I am confident that joining efforts and support in a group setting to make some eating changes can actually work!!
To jump start this idea, I am offering a 3 week Break the Sugar Fix group workshop to get us going on our quest towards feeling better! This will be a fun and interactive experience where you will feel empowered to make a change, and a tasty one too, and do it with the companionship of others seeking the same shift.